Despite unprecedented attacks, steady financial growth continues for LGBTQI groups

At the end of the decade, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people have experienced unprecedented attacks by the Trump administration, coupled with efforts by states to advance religious exemptions laws and draconian legislation targeting transgender people. These attacks require LGBTQI organizations to be nimble in organizational priorities and investments.

Despite the tense political landscape, the 2019 National Movement Report, published annually by MAP, finds that national LGBTQI organizations remained steadfast in providing vital programs and services with continued increase in revenue and diverse revenue sources.

This year’s report provides a comprehensive and standardized look at fiscal year 2018 for 40 major LGBTQI advocacy organizations. These organizations reported total combined 2018 revenue of $299.3 million—up 8% from 2017. The majority of 2018 expenses (79%) was spent on programs and services, indicating that the largest LGBTQI social justice organizations operate efficiently.

Major findings from the report include:

Click here to read the report and access the full findings.

As the political landscapes change for LGBTQI equality, tracking these trends annually will be crucial for understanding the financial health and stability of the movement.