New Poll: Americans Believe Businesses Should Be Open to All

New Harris Poll data released today shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that businesses should be open to all and should not be allowed to deny services to people based on their race, ethnicity or national origin (87%), sex (87%), sexual orientation (81%), gender identity (80%), religion (85%) or disability (88%).

The poll, conducted in conjunction with Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, surveyed 2,006 U.S. adults, including 184 respondents who identified as LGBT, from Sept. 13-17, 2018. Among the survey’s other key findings:

  • 75% of Americans believe when businesses open their door to the public, they should be open to all and serve everyone on the same terms—compared to the 25% of respondents who say that businesses should be able to refuse to provide services to certain customers if that would go against their religious beliefs.
  • 89% of Americans say they are likely to support, shop at, or work for a business that declares it does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or disability.

Additional findings from the new Harris Poll can be found here.

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